My team talked about which resolutions we never got to complete the past year. Almost unanimously, we said we never got to blog more. A total shame, since we support a blogging platform behind 27% of all the Internets, and I myself being part of a blogging community (well, I kind of lead it too) That’s two F’s on my report card right there, and that needs to change, pronto!

I don’t have a great excuse except that I never found time for it. I know, I know. If it’s that important to me, I’ll have time for it. This 2017, I’ll make it a priority to go back to blogging. Armed with a new and fantastic domain (drew.blog), I’m super stoked to dive into this familiar yet scary adventure. Thanks to my amazing boss and colleagues for this domain, btw. 😉

To my readers — anything you want to see more on my blog? Hit me up in the comments!

Want your own ultra-cool .blog domain? Get yours at https://get.blog/!


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