A bit of a late post, but I just wanted to share some highlights of my trip to Tokyo, Japan, last October. We were about 30 people in our group, all of whom I’m related to. You’d think that traveling with family is easy. Well, think again! It’s tough being the person assigned to book everything for everyone, from plane tickets, the van service to hotels and attractions. I even ended up getting kicked out of our hotel, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise! All in all, it was quite an enjoyable trip.

Off we go!

Teamlab Borderless

My mom and I at Teamlab Borderless, an interactive light and sound museum.
Ant’s eye shot of one room surrounded by strings of blinking lights.
Selfie time.
My favorite person to photograph, my niece Maddi.

Tsukiji Market

Enjoying our seafood lunch!
My mom holding a leg of a crab. Her absolute fave.
Unagi: the state of total awareness.
Another shot of deliciousness.
Strawberry Mochi
A perfect cone of Chocolate Cremia to cap off our meal.


My nieces Maeci, Maddi, Mavis, Hanalei.
Hey, I’m only here for the milk tea.
Yup, we’re related.
Xing Fu Tang Milk Tea.

Disney Sea

Does every theme park have a globe outside?
A whole new world!
Someone’s lost 🙁
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Journey to the Center of the Earth. This main attraction was closed during our visit. What a bummer.
20 out of 30 of our group


Akihabara. If you’re into anime, this is the place to be. Lots of Pokemon gyms and stops here as well if that’s your thing.
Lots of tech stuff here too.
Happy coz I bought a new lens for my camera
Guess what we’re having for dinner?
Ichiran Ramen. YES.

WordCamp Tokyo 2019

Was lucky enough to be in Tokyo when WordCamp Tokyo 2019 happened.

Dinner with WordCamp Tokyo organizer Mayuko
With friend and fellow Automattician Sarah
Self-we with James, Paulo and Sarah at WordCamp Tokyo 🙂

Night Photography

Another thing I enjoyed the most was taking night photos of urban Tokyo. I’ve been all over the world, but the colors and lights here are like no other.

And that’s a wrap! Our families flew off to Sapporo afterward, which, of course, was even more amazing. More on that on my next blog post.

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