A Day in Kobe

“Will I have another cheesecake ice cream?”

Today, I visited the breathtaking city of Kobe, known for its fabulous steaks and, I just learned, its cheesecakes too.  Its streets are lined with well-preserved houses and buildings left behind by foreign residents after World War II, which made for a perfect afternoon stroll with my family. The quaint shops and lush greenery on virtually every corner were the icing on the (cheese)cake.

The cheesecake ice cream I’m eating (¥400) was literally one whole cheesecake blended into soft serve vanilla ice cream. Watch how it was made through this video:

It was so good that I wanted more! But alas, my weight-conscious self got the better of me and admonished me to save the calories for more food binges later on.

Our lunch, which happened prior to the ice cream, was a tad underwhelming.  Kobe’s famous restaurant, Kobe Tekitei Kitano Hunterzaka, ran out of Kobe beef (still can’t wrap my head around it) so we had to settle for Wagyu beef (pictured above; ¥2000) that was still nice but definitely lacked the awesomeness of Kobe.

The wonderful Scallops with Mushrooms (¥1000) saved the day along with the ice cream.



Kobe Tekitei Kitano Hunterzaka
Address: 〒650-0004 Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe, 中央区中山手通2丁目13−12
Hours: 11AM–9:30PM
Phone: 078-261-8829


Kazamidori Kitano
Kobe, Japan


Shirt: Hogwarts (c/o Universal Studios The Wizarding World of Harry Potter) 🎆
Pants: Zara 🤣
Kicks: Adidas Ultraboost 😗

Currency Exchange

¥100 = ~ Php44

More photos taken today:


  1. Whoa! I did not know this! When we went to Kobe, the steaks were the only thing in my itinerary. (And the port area haha)
    I’ll keep this in mind when I go back! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I didn’t get to try this cheesecake ice cream thing!!! The only place I visited in Kobe was a bookstore that sold a ton of stuff for a calligraphy/writing nerd like me.

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