My dinner at Desoriente is one of the key highlights of my trip to Europe. Perhaps even my entire life. 😂

My cousins and I randomly found Desoriente on Google Maps. After all that pasta that we ate in Italy, and us being Asians, were in the mood for some rice!

We took a quick Uber ride to the place since we were a bit exhausted from our flight. Unfortunately, we did not have reservations, so we were seated outside where it was a little dark for taking photos. But no worries, as we had our phones with us that served as our prop lights.

Here’s a rundown of what we ordered and why we loved each dish:

Oishi Broccoli

This dish was a standout for us. The broccoli was cooked to perfection and coated in a savory sauce that had just the right amount of sweetness. The sesame seeds and radish slices gave it an extra crunch.

Rock & Roll Sushi

Not sure what kind of sorcery was involved in the production of the salmon-like fish used in this roll, but it had the same texture and flavor profile as the real thing! The other fillings in the sushi were equally delicious, and we loved its presentation.

Kiss Me Ramen!

The broth in this ramen was incredibly flavorful. The noodles were perfectly cooked, while the mushrooms, radish and seaweed flakes made this dish both hearty and healthy. I can’t get over the fact that this is 100% plant-based!

Panko Spring Rolls

These spring rolls were crispy on the outside and filled with a variety of veggies on the inside. The sweet and sour dipping sauce was a perfect complement to the flavors in the rolls.

Passion Fruit and Mango Lassi Mousse

This mousse dessert was a refreshing way to end our meal. The passion fruit and mango flavors were bright and citrusy, and the texture of the mousse was light and airy. Yum!

Ms. Sacher Went to Japan

This oddly-named dessert is a chocolate lover’s dream. The cake itself was moist and rich, with a deep chocolate flavor. Whoever Ms. Sacher is, thank you!

Overall, we couldn’t have been more impressed with our meal at Desoriente. The food was delicious, the service was friendly and attentive, and the atmosphere was warm and inviting.

Desoriente C/ de Ramon Turró, 209, 08005 Barcelona, Spain

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