1 Year

IMG_3152I’ve been with Automattic for exactly 1 year!

Working for the company has been a tremendous experience.  It’s mind-boggling that I get to wake up everyday, go straight to my desk and do the awesome stuff I get to do for our users on WordPress.com.  My one year cannot be compared to Donncha’s 10 years, but, like him, this is my dream job where I get to work with the most amazing group of people.

Fun fact: my mom thinks I “blog” for a living, while my dad still asks me “so what do you do at “Gogol” again?”  Go figure! 😉

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First Real Post


Hi, I’m Andrew dela Serna. Welcome to my blog!

I live in Davao City, Philippines.  I love food, traveling, and milk tea, so please expect blog posts about food, traveling and milk tea. 🙂

I work as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, focusing on mobile and live chat support.  I’ve been with the company for exactly 11 months.  Super love my job!

I also lead the Davao Bloggers Society, a lovely group of people whom I have so much respect for.

No more Lorem Ipsum posts from now on, promise!  Cheers!